SPA (Fitness + Wet Floors)

  • Daily Usage 150 TL
  • 10 Pieces Usage 1.200 TL
  • 20 Pieces Usage 2.200 TL
  • 30 Pieces Usage 3.000 TL
  • 40 Pieces Usage 3.600 TL
  • 50 Pieces Usage 4.000 TL


  • 1 Month (Fitness) 350 TL
  • 3 Months (Fitness) 850 TL
  • 6 Months (Fitness) 1.400 TL
  • 12 Months (Fitness) 2.200 TL
  • 6 Months SPA (Fitness+Wet floor) 4.900 TL
  • 1 Year SPA (Fitness+Wet floor) 8.500 TL

Massages / Therapy

  • Foot Massage – 25 min, 60 TL
  • Head Massage – 20 min, 60 TL
  • Scrub Foam Massage – 30 min, 100 TL
  • Local Massage – 30 min, 150 TL
  • Aroma Therapy Massage – 40 min, 200 TL
  • Classic Swedish Massage – 50 min, 250 TL
  • Bali Massage – 50 min, 250 TL

Balinese Massage

It takes 50 minutes.

Balinese massage is a holistic massage technique consisting of a mixture of deep tissue, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy and stretching movements that increase blood circulation and reduce pain in the muscles and joints, reducing muscle tension and providing relaxation in the body.

250 TL

Classic Swedish Massage

It takes 50 minutes.

Swedish massage is the most common and well-known type of massage in the west.

Based on the anatomy and physiology of the abdomen, therapists use this massage to increase circulation, relax tense muscles, increase mobility and reduce pain.

250 TL

Aroma Therapy Massage

It takes 45 minutes.

Aromatherapy is a natural therapy method that contributes to health and beauty, including the application of aromatherapy massage, inhalation, and compresses by making use of mixtures of herbal essential oils. Aromatherapy massage is effective in curing health problems.

200 TL

Local Massage

It takes 30 minutes.

Local massage is a type of massage applied to the desired or needed part of the body on a regional basis. Thanks to special massage techniques, it is a massage application that is applied to areas such as head, neck, neck, shoulder – back, back – waist, arms and legs and is generally aimed at the problematic area.

150 TL

Foot Massage

It takes 25 minutes.

It is applied by applying pressure to all reflex points in the region from the toes to the ankles.

The most nerve cells are in your feet, and the tension and pain in your feet can upset you. At this point you need a foot massage.

60 TL

Head Massage

It takes 20 minutes.

Scalp massage increases blood circulation in hair follicles, facilitates relaxation and reduces stress. In addition, when massage is done regularly, it will increase the strength of the hair follicles. Kneading pressure with massage warms the skin and opens blood vessels to increase flow and circulation.

60 TL

Pouch Foam Massage

It takes 30 minutes.

Regular hammam sessions, which include scrub and foam massage, prevent toxins from damaging your skin and facilitate their removal from the body. Foam massage makes your sweat removal easier by opening the pores. It ensures the removal of urea from the skin surface along with sweat.

90 TL