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Dive into a new world!

A magnificent pool that will warm your winter months and refresh your summer months.
You will feel its privileged pleasure in every stroke.

Swimming Gets Your Whole Body Working

While swimming, all the muscles in your body are activated and work actively at all times. This will strengthen both your arm, abdominal and leg muscles at the same time. Moreover, since you apply force against the resistance of the water, swimming is more beneficial than other exercises.

Swimming Increases Your Bone Mass

“Only weight training increases bone mass.” Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that bone mass can increase with swimming. In addition, doctors recommend swimming as a pain-relieving exercise to their patients who have problems such as long-term muscle and joint pain.

While talking about the benefits of swimming for the body, we should not pass without mentioning the benefits on the respiratory system. As we mentioned above, we expend a lot of energy while swimming because many of our major muscle groups are working. Since we spend large amounts of energy, we need more oxygen. In addition, swimming has positive effects on respiratory rate and depth.